If this incident was indeed caused by leakage of the admin key as the report suggests and not by a direct hacking, Nut team should be able to trace the hacker.

Moreover, if Mint team truly appreciates the community and if Min team is serious about continuing the project, they should come up with some real measures as to how to compensate the damages.

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It's better you completely move on to big platforms like binance. Increase more security and have a good team 24*7. These issues can bring loss to holders as well as founders.

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We love this project from when I got Airdroped Thai tokens I just loved them

I hope things doesn't turn the worse.

No matter what happens your project will do amazingly well

I'll keep holding and encourage other to buy.

Be strong Dev 😊

Your project won't perish you'll actualize it's full potential

Good luck

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Fire sale, buying all the $MINT I can!

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Your just scamming ppl .soon there will be more attacks and more excuses

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Good luck!!!

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