Mint Club joins Binance Incubation Program

We’re thrilled to announce our acceptance from Binance Labs for the Binance Incubation Program season 3. With this 8-week intensive journey, we will push Mint Club to the next chapter becoming the base platform for all micro-token economies all around the world.

What is Binance Incubation Program?

The incubation program offers seed funding to the selected projects along with hands-on technical assistance, office hours, mentorship, networking opportunities, and the tools needed to kickstart the product development and commercialization process. It is geared towards helping projects become essential parts of the Binance ecosystem. - Binance FAQ

The Binance Incubation Program has been playing a central role in accelerating the most promising blockchain projects. Over the past two seasons, there are a number of successful projects such as Polygon, Injective Protocol, Cere, Perpetual Protocol, etc. We’re honored to be one of the 9 blockchain startups selected from 396 teams.

Our journey with the program

Mint Club is a token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity. Our aim is to build a completely new area (a small medium token market) in the crypto industry.

During the 8 week period, we will focus on the following strategic pillars.

1. Infra for the ecosystem

The main target groups who can benefit from using Mint Club are as below:

  • Small-to-medium token projects

  • Partnering app/web service developers

  • Non-technical project founders

  • Individuals such as influencers, bloggers, communities, or any fan-based channel operators.

To help them fully utilise the protocol and web interface (, we have been supporting SDK, dev docs, a Grant Reward Program, and a staking-based community platform (partnering with Nutbox).

To make a better environment for the token project owners and smart token holders, we will focus on providing better tools and services such as pro features, bot APIs, token balance check plug-ins, payment gateway, etc.

2. Partnerships / product-based projects

In this section, we promote more projects that want to create their own web front-end service by utilising Mint Club protocol or use the platform to run their own token economy for their web/app products. We have successfully invited many projects using Mint Club for their own platforms such as and Debate Monkey.

During the program, it is scheduled to introduce more projects on the Mint Club ecosystem as below:

  • 1S MARKET - A marketplace where the time of people becomes a tradable asset.

  • TMI Club (Too Much Information) - When too much information is never enough

3. Project visibility and outbound marketing

Mint Club is a community-based project with the fair-launch spirit - no token sale, no free team allocation, and no investors. So, we’re focusing on the community-driven marketing activities rather than direct-paid marketing by the team. In order to amplify this activity, we’re planning to launch a GRANT Marketing Mining Season 1. More details will be announced via our community soon.

Our goal

We’re building Mint Club platform to provide a place where anyone who has an idea and business to be tokenized can build a token economy without complications regardless of their technical backgrounds or financial capability. We strongly believe that so many business items (especially small to medium size) can be tokenized effectively, and Mint Club can lead this momentum. This 8-week program will become an important milestone for us to grow faster and achieve this goal.

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