1s.market coming soon - the first partnership project using Mint Club protocol

We’re excited to inform you that our first partnership project in collaboration with the Mint Club team is arriving on Mint Club ecosystem soon.

1s.market is a marketplace where the time of people becomes a tradable asset. You can initiate anyone’s time token, and they will be issued/traded based on the Mint Club protocol. With 1s.market you will be able to measure the worth of a person's time based on what people value through a decentralised network.

Website: https://1s.market/

This project is developed by the tx0x team based on the strategic partnership with the Mint Club team on Aug 20, 2021. They will operate the 1s.market platform and Mint Club team will offer necessary technical support to utilise the Mint Club smart contract.

More details will be updated soon when the beta version of 1s.market is ready to launch.